Ghost Magnet with Bridget Marquardt

The Cecil Hotel Episode

January 10, 2021
This week we have a special episode for you.  We are finally going to be talking about the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.  I have been wanting to talk about the Cecil Hotel since Scott and I mentioned it on the only the second episode of Ghost Magnet, now we are on episode 99 and finally getting around to it! Can you believe that we have done 99 episodes, that also next week is a big week for us because Ghost Magnet will be airing the 100th episode!  So exciting and an extra big thank you to all you listening because without you subscribing and listening, there wouldn’t be a podcast! I hope you are continuing to have as much fun as I am! This week's episode features a panel that you just saw on #GhostAdventures including Patti Negri, Scott Michaels, James Bartlett plus Lisa Morton's Ghost Report on an all new episode of Ghost Magnet with Bridget Marquardt.